Paani Ch Madhaani (2021) | High Quality | Watch Online / Download

Paani Ch Madhaani | (2021) Punjabi Movie Watch Online/Download – CHTV RIP

Paani Ch Madhaani (2021) | High Quality | Watch Online / Download

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Paani Ch Madhaani (2021) Watch Online Punjabi Movie – Full Movie

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Paani Ch Madhaani (2021) Download Punjabi Movie – Full Movie


  • Gippy Grewal as Gulli
  • Neeru Bajwa as Sohni
  • Karamjit Anmol
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi
  • Iftikhar Thakur
  • Harby Sangha
  • Rupinder Rupi
  • Honey Mattu
  • Shivam Sharma
  • Parveen Aawara
  • Nirmal Rishi

The first half of the movie, about a band in Punjab in north west India trying to make it big after many years of playing together, was pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the Indian music, characters and the scenery. The band is a dismal failure until it takes on a female singer who propels them to success. They get asked to tour England, which is where the fun should have started, none of the musicians having left India before. Well, no. That's where the film takes a complete nosedive and having been the one who suggested the movie (it was my birthday!) I felt a bit embarrased and asked my companions a couple of times if they wanted to leave (they still had popcorn to eat so they stayed, but they were bored stiff like me). The last 90 minutes of the movie (felt like more) was a complete farce centred around a graveyard, all gigs forgotten and hence no music. It was like the director thought the movie was too short and halfway through, tacked another far inferior one on. What started with promise ended with big disappointment. What a shame, I was looking forward to being entertained after finally coming out of lockdown!

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